Narrows Brewing

My post summer tour funk ends today and I will be restarting my tour series.  I was waiting for a friend in Fircrest, Tacoma with an extra hour to kill due to the ever worsening Seattle to Tacoma traffic. Why not kill it at a local brewery, enter Narrows Brewing. First thing, you notice is the smell of the marina, I have a fondness for it, but it definitely is not for everyone. The second thing is the grain silo out front, which typically is only required for breweries in excess of 4,000 barrels of production, which is double the size I read they produced.

Once you scale the ramp or the stairs you end up with a choice, events area, taproom, or deck, I sat out on the deck at first before it looked like rain and moved inside to the taproom. I was surprised for a place with 14 advertised taps that they only have 8 beers of their own, the other being 3 guests taps, 2 ciders, and 1 lambic. Further still, they currently dedicate 4 taps to IPA's a shame for me, but the market and sales numbers disagree. I settled in order a flight of 6, Golden Ale, Summer Ale, Peanut Butter Blonde, a fruit beer, lowest IBU IPA (Hilltop Haze), and a guest tap by Wander which was a coffee stout.

I was fascinated by the big stick popsicle in the fruit beer category because I was expecting a sour or something really sweet and it was just a solid fruit beer. I should not have been surprised then that the peanut butter cookie also was not overly sweet, filling, or decadent, just peanut butter flavor over a light tasting wheat beer. One of the brew staff was telling me they have some Oktoberfest flavors coming soon, which is where they really shine and will replace some of the other wheat beers. Hopefully, I will have an excuse to stop in Fircrest to give them a shot at my favorite seasonal beer flavors.


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