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As you may know from my prior posts, I am a big supporter of local flour and the local baking community. Just like with breweries, local bakeries will happily share their knowledge and teachings if you are willing to listen, learn, and share. I was looking for a shop to buy a few pieces of pie and found a shop that only sells whole pies. No harm in a little extra pie.

After talking with the owner Jennell for the better part of a half an hour about baking philosophy, crust, bread, cookies, etc, we got down to business and talked about her pie shop. She has 2 or 3 pies options per day, but until her arm finishes healing, cream pies are off the menu. She informed me that she was getting a new set of apples late Thursday and I just had to try her apple pie for Friday. Always best to try the bakers best as a first impression.

The economics to make a pie are tough. Typically, a bakery charges $20+ for a cake and many charge much more, but pie is not often on the menu. Pie has a stigma of being a more common food even though its primary components are more expensive than a simple white cake. The prices of apples, butter, sugar, flour, etc could quickly run past $10 if you were buying small batch high end ingredients. By the time you add the box, pie pan, and the time to make it all, $20 seems like a bargain. All that was my rationalization of not being too surprised the pie cost $25.

I returned Friday afternoon to find a beautifully caramelized apple pie in a pink box. I brought it home to find 3 additional willing tasters who brought ice cream, just in case the pie was underwhelming or dry. No ice cream necessary, the pie was fantastic. Sweet in the right ways, caramelized everywhere, and an excellent flakey crust. Everyone asked where I bought it and if we could get another one.

I am thinking we can find a reason to purchase another one in a couple weeks.


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