Sea Bishop Spirits

I have heard from quite a few distillers about choosing a proper location for a distillery. I was expecting community support, access to distributors, desirable rents, or proximity to their homes. The most common answer was none of those, it was the quality of the water. Recently, I have heard from 3 distilleries that they have the best water in the country. I tried the water at each and they each had good water, but was it the best, probably not. I would assume that minute differences in water taste, quality, and hardness could make a tremendous difference in the taste, color, and mouth feel of any spirit, but especially Gin.

Sea Bishop Spirits is a small distillery in Black Diamond, WA that produces only Gin. They have 4 varietals of Gin available for tasting and sale at the distillery, a classic Gin, a tarragon infused Gin, a barrel aged Gin, and a Gin aged in a stout barrel. Only the Gin aged in the stout barrel is not available at regional liquor stores and the price for their Gin is $35 including tax, which seems to be about entry level for Artisan Liquor. I have tried quite a few local Gins recently and have found no one is leaning in to the juniper flavor, but that may be an unpopular preference. I enjoyed the classic and the barrel aged options, but had not seen or tasted anything quite like tarragon infused gin before, so I bought a bottle to play with at home.


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