Nightside Distilling

After Acorn Brewing and some dinner I could again try and seek out Nightside Distilling. I could not seem to find them anywhere at bars or restaurants, but did see them at total wine and saw they attended a festival I meant to go to a few weekends ago. I made it my express mission that the next time I went southeast I would stop in for a tasting. They are a tough place to find in a strip mall around the back and to the side off of a busier road, but the signs were crucial.

Nightside Distilling is the self proclaimed smallest distillery in America at 496 square feet, but with the garage doors open and a sunny summer evening, it felt much bigger. The spirits list was expansive, Vodka 80 proof, Vodka 90 proof, Vodka 80 proof aged in oak, Lemon Drop Liqueur, Fruit Punch Liqueur, Apple Pie Liqueur, Espresso Liqueur, Gin, Aquavit, and Bourbon. I was told a Rye was in the works and they had a few options that were available for tasting, but have not been approved for sale just yet. They had a house aged mustard that was available for purchase, but I was not there for mustard.

They were reasonably priced at $25 and up including taxes and came in 2 sizes, a standard 750mL bottle, and a mini bottle for organizing your own tastings. The Aquavit had some nice caraway notes, while the Gin I was told purposefully has almost no juniper punch, and the Vodka had subtle apple notes. The most interesting varietal was the Vodka aged in oak as it had a similar flavor profile to a whiskey or a scotch without the corresponding smoke or peat bite. I bought a bottle to play around with at home and see what all it could pair with effectively.


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