Four Generals Brewing

The brewery that I was looking for when I accidentally found Dubtown Brewing was Four Generals Brewing. The brewery was only a couple blocks from Dubtown, but was clearly in a more local business community and should have the environment and prices to match. The taproom was small, but open to the street due to the nice day with a few regulars at the bar. I had not found their beer distributed anywhere and was told that is because they consistently sell out of the beer they do make. A good sign.

The first thing I noticed was the substantial selection for small brewery, I sampled 11 different house beers across a tremendous range of beer styles. The heavy German influence was a real treat for the summer time. I would say my favorite was the Helles, but I found at least 4, I would order again, which is rare for me. The collaboration with local coffee shop Boon Boona Coffee was a great example of local community support for both businesses. The $5 price point per pint makes much more sense locally than some of the $6 pints in nearby breweries and shows their understanding of neighborhood and community dynamics.

I look forward to returning in the near future.


Evan Turner

Entrepreneur in Residence


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