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Traditionally I wait to give new breweries 6 months to figure out their recipes, taps, lines, service, etc before stopping in. Beer may only be made of 4 primary ingredients, but making the transition from home brewing or nano brewing to consistent commercial product takes time and skill. Occasionally, I stop in before that 6 month mark on accident or due to glowing recommendation, this is the former.

I was early for a meeting and decided to walk around downtown Renton. Wandering around, I looked in to some compelling businesses such as Boon Boona Coffee and River Valley Cheese and mourned the loss of Heaven Sent Fried Chicken. I wondered why I saw so many restaurants and no local brewery. A quick search on my phone showed only 1, but I just noticed a newer high rise with a sign on the ground that said beer and figured I must have found it. The name and location were different from my search and it would not be open that day anyway, but worth looking in to later.

Later turned out to be a few weeks, good thing too, as they have only been open for 3 weeks. They had 4 beers on tap, 1 guest beer (Lowercase Brewing Mexican Lager), 3 cider taps, and 3 bottled ciders (Cockrell Cider). The brewer mentioned that he has 15 or so recipes and they were in the process of brewing a Pale Ale and a Porter, to add to their 2 IPA's, a Kolsch, and a Saison. I asked when I would be seeing more of their beer on the menu and was told that with only 8 taps beers would come in and out freely based on popularity. The Kolsch and both IPAs were not to my preference, but I have particular interest in their Saison. It was 7.2% ABV if memory serves, which is high for American beer, but right in the upper range of the sweet spot for the best Saisons. It was not as wild, fresh, or yeasty as I expect from a Saison, but I will return in 6 months or so and see if it improves or is off the menu.


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