Big Block Brewing

I heard that a small brewery was taking over for a recently closed brewery in Redmond, WA.  I heard next that they were keeping their existing taproom in the Issaquah area, a good sign. Only a few breweries have opened new locations in the last couple years in Seattle and all have been somewhere between good and great. I was meeting a potential summer intern from the area and decided to host it at Big Block Brewing. Turns out, the intern was only 20 and thus we had to go somewhere nearby, but I returned after the interview.

It looks small from the street, but is much bigger inside, especially including the outside deck area. The owner said they were still brewing out of their 3 car garage with a 7 barrel system, which is a really big setup for a garage. They will be moving the brewing operation to the Redmond in the late summer or early fall to increase production and offer special releases.

The beer menu skews darker, but had something for everyone. I tried everything, but the IPA's and an Imperial, which amounted to a Kolsch, Raspberry Blonde, Blackberry Wheat, Honey Pale Ale, Scotch Ale, Red Ale, Black Ale, and a Porter. Most of the people around me seemed to order the Honey Pale Ale, which given the heat makes perfect sense and was quite refreshing. If it were not for the heat, my favorite would have been the Scotch Ale, but the tartness of the local raspberries was a wonderful respite from the rare hot Seattle day.


Evan Turner

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