Acorn Brewing

Lately, I seem to be wandering into a fair amount of new breweries on accident, while I wait for other events. In this case, I was headed to Nightside Distilling to check out the so called smallest distillery in the country. I expected it to take about an hour and would arrive about 30 minutes after they opened. Traffic was especially light and I was to arrive before they opened. I was looking for something to do while I waited and saw a grand opening brewery sign. Lucky me, they were open.

I was greeted by a small L shaped bar, a 10 tap menu, a food menu, water, and self serve peanuts. A note said you can bring in your own food as well, which is rare for a brewery that serves its own food. The beer menu had substantial diversity, but I was told changes constantly due to the brewer running out of the best stuff first. I tried everything but the the 2 IPAs and a nitro imperial stout, which amounted to a sour, a blonde, a lager, a red ale, a hazelnut brown, and a porter. The sour was a really nice summer opener, but the hazelnut brown was my favorite. I was told to come back in a few weeks when they bring back the previous blonde, a hefeweizen, and an hazy IPA. I always find it difficult to return to a brewery that I have to retry a good percentage of the menu, but I will be interested to see if the menu becomes more consistent as they age.


Evan Turner

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