Tin Dog Brewing

I was having a conversation with a local chef and he swore by the farm to table experience in food. We were curious as to why those meals always included local wineries, sometimes distilleries, but rarely breweries. I remembered hearing from a recent patron that a brewery called Tin Dog was served at a restaurant called the Herbfarm, a true farm to table destination restaurant. I went to Tin Dog expecting a very boutique, hipster, craft experience similar to the crowd that frequents farm to table dinners, but instead found a relaxed neighborhood brewery. Much more my speed anyway.

I was excited to see very rare styles on their flagship menu, a saison, hefeweizen, sours, belgian table ale, and a tripel, but was immediately recommended their barrel aged series. I was astounded that such a small neighborhood brewery would have the diversity of styles and time to properly barrel age so many varietals. I tried a few of their flagships and seasonal styles with my favorite being their saison, but then focused on the barrel aged series.

I asked if I could try the varietal served at the Herbfarm and she said she had one bottle left and would not part with it, but did offer me quite a steal on two others because its why I came. The Melange Deux and the Mandala were both excellent, but I left wanting to try the Saison aged on grapes like my favorite from 2017 from Grixsen Brewing. I will be returning to bring a bottle home soon, now that I see it on the online menu.


Evan Turner

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