Timber City Ginger Beer

I have been taking a hard look at beverages with good margins that are low or no alcohol see Kombucha Town. Fermented or not, Ginger beer has a unique taste and benefits for the body, so I wanted to see the craft version. I found them at a craft beer store and was going to buy a can of original, but was told they were out at the moment. They followed up with their brewery is not only local, it was less than 10 minutes away, so if your committed to try it, just swing by. That is my favorite answer.

I drove to the South Park neighborhood of Seattle and was met with a blank looking warehouse with a series of stone installations out front. I found no placard or sign suggesting the business I was looking for, but I was not to be deterred. I called the phone number and was asked to wait by a side door and would be invited to come on in. I was greeted by the owner almost surprised by my level of interest to just try things.

She offered me the four varietals that day original, plum, pink lady apple, and an imperial ginger and it was worth the quest. The original was the best ginger beer I had ever had. The apple and plum were really awesome. The imperial was something I have never tasted before, but would like to try again. When I am in and they have it in stock I will decide how I feel about it. I brought my Growlerwerks from my car and got a fill of the original and have gone back twice for it to be refilled.


Evan Turner

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