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One of my mentors and friends suggested I meet a new employee of his to pick her brain on how to better understand early stage businesses with a focus on Technology and Finance. She and I had trouble connecting, but she was acting as a moderator at a free CAIA event in downtown Seattle, so we decided to connect there. While I was there, I was listening to a woman discuss a company that sounded like a digital marketplace, rental company, technology platform, and home staging company.

I cannot say I understood all of the business, I understand many of the parts individually, and love the idea a fully distributed company like a brewery & taproom. It sounded like something a traditional bank should have been keen on investing and lending money to 20 years ago, so I hoped I could just be a resource. She was talking about new locations, inventory, web development, and invited me to tour her facility in Everett, WA, which I happily accepted.

Their facility is part design center, warehouse, classroom, and office. I was told this is purposeful and will be replicated at future locations. As we toured, we discussed their explosive growth and the unit economics for such a large facility. I was impressed by their growing digital platform, their vision for the company, and look forward to being a resource in the future.


Evan Turner

Entrepreneur in Residence


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