Partnership Update - Growlerwerks

I have been a supporter of Growlerwerks since their first sale and a partner for almost two years because of the product. I followed them during their first Kickstarter campaign and made the trek to Portland to meet them and find out if they were for real. I was impressed by their innovative technology to improve a simple glass growler through pressurization. Nothing beats forgetting about the beer I brought home last week and it being as if I got it straight out of the tap from the brewery that day.

As the technology has grown, Growlerwerks can be used for beer, ginger beer, kombucha, mixed drinks, soda, and seltzer through CO2 cartridges and most recently nitro beer and cold brew coffee through N2 cartridges.

I almost always bring my Copper 128oz Growlerwerks with me when I go see any brewer.


Evan Turner

Entrepreneur in Residence


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