Lumber House Brewing

I was having lunch with a friend and he mentioned that had not tried a new local gin in a while. I picked Sea Bishop Spirits in Black Diamond because it was new to us both. But alas, it had closed early and we were left with a 30 minute drive to the next closest distillery. As I was stretching my legs, I saw a sign for a brewery with a name that sounded familiar. I remembered this article and decided we must walk in and give it a try instead of seeking out gin.

It was a small taproom with a 6 or 7 varietals available at the time. I found out the brewer only brews on the weekends in neighboring Hobart until the brewery grows enough to support him. The Hobart brewery with no taproom was due to some issues with unincorporated King County limiting small business which was concerning and something worth looking in to.

We tried everything and I must say I understand why it is one of the fastest growing breweries in the country. Each beer available was good to great (I should compare the jalapeno ale at Lumber House vs Rail Hoppin), but one style deserves a special mention. They had a Pine Tip ale that was tremendous and its in my top 3 of beer I have tried this year. I brought a growler home to share with some other beer options and it was gone much to fast for me to try it again. I will return to try Sea Bishop and bring my Growlerwerks for 128oz instead of 64oz, so I have a chance at a glass.


Evan Turner

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