Jellyfish Brewing

One of my favorite places to discover entrepreneurship in Seattle is the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall. (Posts to come about Deep Sea Sugar and Salt and Lowrider Baking Company) Recently, I was there and saw someone setting up an Axe throwing trailer...Perfect... Hip (two expensive startups are entering Seattle soon with the same concept + bar), cheap enough (few bucks for 5 throws), and an excellent group activity, but I am not here to talk about that... Back to Jellyfish Brewing...

I was at the Trailer Park Mall getting a piece of cake almost two years ago and was told about a new brewery and taproom opening soon just down the street. I was excited so I went to the area they suggested and found no sign, placard, or construction, just a blank building. I assumed I must have been given bad intel and moved on, but months later I was told a similar story from a restaurant that was serving their beer. It was not a style I love, Red Ale, but they told me it was their top seller since it came in and they can hardly keep it in stock. So, I returned to the location they told me and found nothing, but at least this time google maps agreed it was where I was.

After two failed attempts, I decided to go against all my instincts and just wait until I read about it, see a physical sign, or know someone who went. Almost a year later still, the physical sign appears on the street corner, so I followed it to the taproom. Fair Prices, tons of seasonal options, a rotating sour program, and a few excellent beers. I enjoyed the honey golden ale, a nice sour (changed now), and a mexican strong ale (gone now). I even brought a growler home of the honey golden ale home for a dinner party later that week. My only complaint upon my return visit has been that many of the things I liked have been replaced by new things, which I may or may not like. Each time I go in I feel compelled to try it all again in fear of missing something that has changed since last time.

Not a terrible problem to have, but it does mean I cannot go expecting to find something.


Evan Turner

Entrepreneur in Residence


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