Herb's Cider

Arlen and I were going to see some graphic design friends for his restaurant Storia Cucina and we stumbled in to a sign for Herb's Cider. He is less keen on cider than I am, but we figured worth a stop, taste, and chat at the very least. We were greeted by the director of operations, Deron, who told us a story about apples.

I know a little about palm fruit being from the state of Washington and a little more about apples in particular because I have some friends that got in to cider making, but nothing to this level of detail. They use exclusively heirloom apples, I only knew of one varietal called a Gravenstein from California because I tried to make a pie out of some once. Apparently for Cider, heirloom apples are the best. However, due to long lead times to plant orchards and very strict growing conditions, they are really only found in large quantities in upstate New York. Bummer not local.

Back to the cider, they had 6+ on tap, but only 3 or so in cans. It was quite delightful, great variation in dryness and sweetness, not to tart, really drinkable, I was starting to believe the apples might be the difference between them and some other cider makers. I have been told by some that usually cider maker's do not get the flavor right early on due to higher volumes. If so this was an excellent first effort, if not it is still really quite delightful cider.

I brought some of the single stroke home to taste and compare with some of my other local cider makers and expect them to do well.


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