Half Lion Brewing

I was headed south to Tacoma to meet some friends and have some dinner, but traffic was the worst and they were running late so I jumped off the freeway looking for somewhere to hang for an hour. I remembered about being told about a brewery in Milton, Auburn, or Sumner area that had eluded me and figured now would be a good time to find it. I stepped in to Half Lion Brewing to find a woodsy sawmill looking interior with a brewery on the side of it.

I was met by tremendously sweet staff asking me about my beer preferences. I am a big fan of taprooms with great hospitality. I told them of my disdain for the ipa, they have 3, but would love to try anything not to hoppy. I ordered a flight and was most impressed by the amber, which it sounds like may become their flagship.

I had a nice conversation with one of the owners Adam about his local community and how to best self distribute his beer throughout the southend. It sounds like they reach just outside my current neighborhood and are looking to grow more organically to maintain brand quality and equity. Next time I am in Sumner I will stop by for the amber, the hospitality, and maybe the food truck outside.


Evan Turner

Entrepreneur in Residence



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