Gruff Brewing

Continuing my Bellingham Series, my first introduction to Gruff Brewing was just as a patio. I was invited by Arlen and friends to come over to a skate shop for some pop up pizza and enjoy the evening. I must admit I did not see the brewery and taproom immediately, but was greeted by Arlen with a lemon Berliner Weiss that tasted of spring. I was told the patio belonged to Gruff Brewing and this was his neighborhood hangout since his apartment was in sight range of the patio.

Typically, while in Bellingham, I have been there at open and at close, working, chatting, thinking, and out with friends always debating over what to choose from their changing assortment of excellent beer and sampling my way through it. I enjoyed the beer, the vibe, the service and the community and have had trouble finding a similar experience outside of Bellingham.


Evan Turner

Entrepreneur in Residence


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