Grixsen Brewing

I have been doing this brewery series for a little while now and wanted to share my first organic experience in brewing that forged my interest in beer. I was visiting the Growlerwerks folks in Portland and they suggested we go to their favorite neighborhood brewery, Grixsen Brewing. We arrived at postage stamp of a taproom and were immediately invited in to the back to try everything they were working on before they opened for business that day.

After trying a few things, all great, I heard the story of how the brewery was formed and was told to be excited and wait patiently for a taste of the brewer DJ Moore's current project. They said something would be ready to try in half an hour or so and it was worth the wait. While we waited, one of the owners walked us to a side door and told me this is where they are headed.

Behind the door was a taproom under construction with all the details still worked out besides the location of the bar, the front door, and the four walls. We discussed the reasoning and rationale for it all over about an hour. As we were wrapping up were greeted by DJ with a small glass of saison that smelled of wine grapes. It was a chardonnay saison and it was tremendous, but he was quite open with us that it was not ready and needed more time. I asked DJ to let me know when it was ready and so I could bring some of it back with me.

Check back, 6 months later and I am in Portland and he has a bottle of chardonnay saison waiting for me to take home. It was best beer I tried in 2017 and sticks in my mind as one of the best beers I have had to date.


Evan Turner

Entrepreneur in Residence


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