Garden Path Fermentation

Last summer, Arlen and I went to a fun beer event called Skagit Pint Fest. We tried some local beers, our weight in Taylor Shellfish oysters, and enjoyed the experience. On our way out, Arlen ran into a brewer friend named Matthew who told us about a new spot called Garden Path Fermentation. He told us he was working there and that they were doing some cool things with fermentation that we had never heard of anyone doing. Lucky us, it was just a short walk from Skagit Valley Malting and the pint fest.

We were greeted by the owners and told that everything was still under construction in the brewery or being put on shelves in the bottle shop, but they had some mead on tap. Their Mead was excellent and is an under appreciated beverage. It was too bad they do not fill growlers, only sell bottles which were not ready and filled yet. We were super excited about the curious and experimental brews they will be working on in the future and planned to return.

Fast forward to this last week, I was stopping by Cairnspring Mill to pick up some bread flour and remembered to stop in to Garden Path again. Wow, it may be the most well curated bottle shop I have ever seen. Of the beers I had tried gracing their shelves, they were all top notch or considered best in class it was truly an incredible wall of beers.

Now on to their beers and mead, they had somewhere between 9-13 varietals in bottles or on tap that I could find. The real surprise was that they were all very different from almost anything else I had tried. They still do not do growler fills, but they did have bottles of almost everything on tap. I tried everything on tap and was just befuddled as to what exactly I was trying (obviously good beer), but very different beer.

I brought home the beer that I understood the most (the easygoing drink) to compare with some family and friends, but would like to return with a fresh palate and more time to sample their newest creation and peruse the bottle shop for something special.


Evan Turner

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