Cockrell Cider

I have been to almost all of the brewery taprooms in valleys of Auburn, Kent, and Puyallup, see you soon Scamp Brewing. Most taprooms have a cider option and I kept seeing a Cider Maker on draft called Cockrell. I hoped they were local, but figured they might not be, I have been burned before (Virtue, Smith & Forge, Johnny Appleseed, etc). As Matt and I drove to Off Camber Brewing from my previous review, I saw the sign pulled over and my told Matt we will return after Off Camber.

After we left Off Camber, we turned toward the sign and were met by a gravel driveway, fruit trees, the Puyallup river, and a crowd on a Thursday night no less. We went in to what I can best describe as an enclosed gazebo with 8 ciders on tap and one mini barrel. We tasted one of everything available (Original, Devil, Dry, Scrumpy, Pear, Hops, Semi Dry, and Strawberry) and the Mini Barrel called Lord Kensington. Matt told me prior to tasting that he was not a big fan of Cider, usually a person that has not tried much of the great cider out there. He favored the Hops, Original, and Pear varietals and was so excited he bought a Growler of Original to take home.

I am interested in learning more about their process, what (%) of their cider is based on fruit from their farm or farms. How did they decide to make Lord Kensington, each varietal, etc. I will return when they are less busy to learn more and better understand their business and process. I am a fan of Cockrell Cider.


Evan Turner

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