Aslan Brewing

I have been at this brewery series for a good long while and felt like I should add some older reviews of my first brewery series. Bellingham has a tremendous brewery culture and I will write up each one that changed my understanding of beer and the culture in a unique way. In quick succession, Arlen, Chris, and I toured every brewery in the greater Bellingham Area and although we have each have our own preferences and favorites, we agreed that the Bellingham beer community is special.

Up first is Aslan Brewing.

Aslan is a organic brewery with two distinct attitudes, the brewery and taproom and the depot. The brewery and taproom is bustling with a distinct collegial atmosphere focused on the local community. The Depot is a relaxed speakeasy vibe with a focus on the premium experience. Their combined beer list shares a similar mixed identity. they have an ultra premium bottle list, many high end seasonal options, collaborations, and a healthy flagship collection.

I spent many evenings in their brewery taproom trying all of the flagships, collaborations, and options you can find in cans. Currently, I have a mixed 6-pack of the light lager, dawn patrol, and disco lemonade in my fridge as proof of my enjoyment. The flagships are great, consistent, and available in craft beer stores and some grocery stores so its attainable craft beer.

The Depot and their bottle line is a different beast. Arlen and I went to the Depot during its soft opening and asked ourselves what does boutique high end craft beer look and taste like. I was told of their intention to put their beer against the best beer of the same type so that the consumer could taste the difference. I found the Justice Temple saison to be particularly inspired. I look forward to tasting their next round of high end bottles.


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