Rail Hop'n Brewing

After immersing myself in the Bellingham beer community and getting to know the culture, (Thanks Arlen), I have been curious if that culture persists in my own neighborhood. So, rather than start this series with a place I frequent or have tremendous experience I would start with a place I am discovering for the first time.

Before the beer discussion, Rail Hop'n is in downtown Auburn near one of my favorite breakfast places Sunbreak Cafe. It has two really pleasant open air bar areas that were quite fantastic during my spring afternoon. I was super intrigued by their 2 membership options, which was a concept I have not seen too often. Therefore, I asked a lot of questions about how it all works mostly swag and beer discounts. In addition, they had a surprising amount of diversity of offerings besides beer, cold brew coffee, cider, some baked goods, light apps, etc.

Now back to the beer, I was told the brewer has been honing his craft for 7 years starting with a home brew system and is currently using a 7bbl system. They had a pretty diverse group of offerings, a blonde, sour, amber, porter, stout, which is rare in the Seattle area home of the IPA, but they do have an IPA. I would say my preference from their offerings was the porter, then the sour, then probably the stout. However, I would tell you to try the jalapeno amber and share it with someone on a hot day because 16oz was too much hot but 8oz or 10oz would have been just right.

I will probably bring my Growlerwerks 128oz for the jalepeno amber during the summer months when I have a willing crew to have an experience.


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