Lowercase Brewing

I started this series with a new brewery to me, now I want to transition to the brewery I go to most often and have purchased the most beer by volume. Let me tell you a story about it.

My mother was having a birthday and throwing herself an Ocktoberfest party to celebrate it in Leavenworth no less. She asked me to provide beer and beer adjacent products for 20 or so people for 3 days. The house had a kegerator that could fit a 1/6 keg, so my idea was to just go buy a 1/6 keg of her favorite german beer (Ayinger) and be done. Not so fast... Ayinger is not sold in 1/6 kegs in Washington, so I was out of luck. But I live in one of the richest areas for quality beer in America, so I figured I could find a comparable replacement through beer tasting.

I went to craft beer stores in 3 states, breweries, total wine, grocery stores, etc as I was traveling and came up with 30 challengers for her favorite beer within the low hops wheat beer category. Over a few weeks she tasted and re-tasted the favorites. After the first ten, her favorite was Skagit Cold Pilsner from Farmstrong Brewing. The second ten pushed Farmstrong into 2nd in favor of Ski Mask by Mirage, but it was doubtful I could find a 1/6th keg of it at any price, so I hoped my last group would produce a winner. The last ten claimed a champion in the summer seasonal Witbier by Lowercase Brewing, which best of all was on my way toward Leavenworth.

Since the day I went in to order two 1/6 kegs and tried everything else on the menu that day and am consistently impressed. I typically have one of their Italian Pilsner, Mexican Lager, or their Seasonal in my fridge and return to replenish as needed.


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