Big Food takes over organics

I like to think of myself as an analyst first and as such like to think I am a discerning customer. I check ingredient labels, nutrition facts, prices per volume, buy local when I can, and use price as a signal for value. But, now I know I have to check the owner/maker to determine if my local or organic food & beverage truly benefits my local community. To illustrate this I will tell you a story.

I was recently wandering about my local boutique grocery to discover new products to try and stumbled upon a bar of chocolate. This bar of chocolate was far and away the cheapest bar of dark chocolate, had excellent eye catching packaging, and an wonderful mission statement on the back. I was very excited about my find, but it all seemed too slick. I went to the website and wow it was attractive, functional, looked expensive, only pushing me to dig further. I found out first it is based in London and it was a subsidiary of Cadbury and then later Mondelez (which itself is a spinoff from Kraft Foods). I was interested if anyone had sourced and plotted this kind of information and found the graphic below. Very cool, hugely informative representation of how big food has taken over organics. I look forward to putting together something similar for beer in the future stay tuned.


Evan Turner - Entrepreneur In Residence




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