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Digging through my old documents, I came across the notes I took when I first saw Chris speak publicly in the fall of 2013. He had just left Elevar and moved to Bellingham, and was sharing some of his experience with College of Business and Economics at WWU. I found his presentation inspiring and eye opening, specifically because I had never seen someone incorporate so much empathy in their teaching of business, and his focus was on humans first, hence the phrase, "human centered venture capital. The following summer, I ran into Chris again at Hollyhock on Cortes Island BC where I was cooking and he was coming as a speaker for a social venture summit. Who could have guessed we would be working together five years later....

Chris Brookfield

Heartfelt towards customers
More impactful things
- we need Stronger community focus in running business/investing money
- Business have become confused and forgotten that their purpose was to provide something important

-Investing in companies that are intentionally trying to create healthier/more productive communities.

Impact investing:

“Entrepreneurs can do well, benefit communities, and make profits at the same time”

“Most change is caused by just a few people”

Elevar equity
- Began invested in 7 companies 2006 10 by 2008
- almost all abroad (India, Peru, Mexico)
-hospital in India for poor
-home for immigrants
-small business credit bank
-rural healthcare access

"at the heart of what we do is an observation. simple. all communities have same composition and potential. Some have suffered from disconnection from financial markets etc. Connecting local communities to global communities.”

Focus on companies providing essential services to communities.

All good ideas come from the grassroots

"Imagine a whole company, then look for it" always someone already doing it.”

“discriminated communities are eager for high quality services so even clumsy attempts like ours are successful".

"Venture capital".

"People have to be able to create a feeling of goodwill and trust. people want to follow them."



Learn more about Elevar: https://www.elevarequity.com


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