Craft Beer in 2017

The local, open and independent movement continues to grow in the United State's, and independent craft beer is still setting the stage! As of 2018 there are now over 6,000 independent craft breweries in the US that have taken 23.4% of total beer market sales with $26 billion in revenue in 2017. Although there is not as much data for them yet, other independent businesses at an earlier stage of decentralization are following similar growth economic, cultural and geographic.


Source: US Craft Beer Association; Design: Mark Brinn

The US Craft Brewer's association released an article about the countries 50 fastest growing breweries of 2017. It includes eight brewpubs, two regional breweries (>15K barrels/yr) and 40 microbreweries (<15K barrels/year.)

The median annual growth rate of these breweries was 216%.

Two are in Washington (lumber house and barrel mountain)

three are in Oregon (wolf tree, draper and dragon's gate)

one is in Idaho (snow eagle)

All six of those are in rural/semi rural areas: this tells us that this is truly a decentralized industry that is thriving outside of urban and metropolitan areas.

Below is the map of these high growth breweries.

Map and data provided by the US Craft Beer Association. 

image (1)


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