The Future of Health Care

One of our close allies, Dave Chase founded Health Rosetta; a company that has brought innovations to direct primary care based on a theory of change closely aligned with our ideas around local, open decentralized. In the post written by chase I've shared below, he shares a lot of Chris' early writing, which inspired the creation of this blog. He is talking about forming models for building a healthcare system and economy around the same principles we talk about, which could be replicated broadly once successful. He even references another post he wrote, about what doctors can learn from craft brewers to transform medicine, again highlighting the interconnection and non-linearity of local, open and decentralized.

Compared to food, healthcare has more of what we call 'entrenched interests', making it more difficult implement models for change on any significant scale. However, Chase is standing up, like many other physicians, nurses, providers and other leaders in the health industry to make change from the inside. Check out this map of direct primary care providers in the USA that Chase helped create. Read his full post by clicking the link below.


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