Changing Climate + Changing Market.

"Climate change is making it riskier to farm"....we know that much. The changing circumstances for farmers, especially the producers of single commodities like barley, have caused farmers all over the world to react to the fragility of their livelihoods. The article I've shared from the Food and Environment Reporting Network about barley farmers in Montana puts forth the reality very clearly: "Farming, in too many cases, can be described a physically demanding form of gambling, but instead of playing against the house, the main adversaries are the weather and the market."

In terms of the weather, the best we can do is recognize patterns of new climate and assume what might happen based on what we've seen, and the work of good climate change scientists like Michelle Koppes. But the market we have a chance against. The circumstances have already emerged, and the architecture is being built for our food system, and other essential systems to be resilient.

As this article articulates, scientists and farmers together have made incredible progress in developing, breeding and saving plant varieties that are adapted to this new climate that has emerged. Our job is to reinforce a market that adapts accordingly.

Read the full article here.




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