As we enter another winter here in the PNW, we face yet another time of change. For us, this means entering a new phase in the development of our ongoing project. We have put together an offering of full circle capital, which for everyone in this company is the highest offering we can bring to our communities based on our experience, knowledge and relationships. Now, it is time to speak with our allies and supporters, to begin truly integrating it.

Appropriately for this season, we are in a phase of gratitude. To all of the people involved in this grassroots effort, you have been part of actualizing these ideas that have emerged.

It is important to us, that we honor the important and non-superficial meaning of community in this context. This has been a community project, in the sense that all of the value is stored in the relationships. Whether you’re a past investor in one of our companies, an intellectual contributor, an entrepreneur that’s worked with us or a source of inspiration, we would like to take this time to thank you.

In the following years, Salish Growth is going to provide capital to build resilience in our communities, and ensure that the value we produce in this region, is owned by this region. We are going to turn a profit, which will be used to ensure the longevity of this company, and other projects that will emerge out of this decentralized network of entrepreneurs, investors, innovators and organizers. The foundation that holds this community up, is built off of strong, committed professional relationships, as much as it is built off of compassion, empathy and a love for our home.

We are putting a premium on the undefinable value of local goods and services that are rooted in and created by and for local communities. The only reason what we do works, is because we happen to be immersed in a place where people are maintaining localized economies and cultures through their work. If things go as planned, this economy and culture is going to become stronger and stronger as a system that is local, open and independent.


  1. Arlen, I have been following your post and I am very encouraged to hear and to continue my dream of local community and communication togetherness via restaurants. Did you know that Restaurant means "To Restore". Peace brother.



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