Niche Marketers Do Not Understand Local Communities.

Here's how most people are taught to market.

First, identify an underserved market segment. Define its attributes. Age, gender and income. Then test a message in media that reaches the target segment. Measure response. Refine segment, add education and recent purchases. Refine message. Generate new message. Measure. Repeat.

After a few iterations, you have a micro segment with a tailored message. The segment might be females, age 35-45, with some college education, living on the Coasts who have recently purchased coffee. It is all very tidy and precise.

Where that marketer might have had to consider the interests of a few hundred million people, now there are just a few carefully selected targets. Their audience has been sliced and diced, and their messages distilled many times over.

On the other hand, community marketing taking an entirely different approach. From its very first assumption, community marketing is inclusive. Our intention is to reach the whole community and we want our messages to resonate across.

The practical aspect of this is that community marketers must pick subjects that have broad appeal. We are constantly working to find the message that unites. Take for example the phrase 'Buy Local'.  This is a well formed statement of community marketing. Everyone in a community can hear this message and respond. No one is left out.

Niche marketing pares aways communities and ultimately separates its potential audience.

Community marketing seeks to include everyone and ultimates builds, out of diverse subsegments, a cohesive audience.




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