Integrating Social Movements

For the past couple of years, Chris has been walking through the nautilus process in the Skagit Valley area, in search of an opportunity create to something that can be owned and loved locally, while seeding a greater process of system change.

The second part is important because it is the missing piece in a movement that already exists. We could just build great local businesses that contribute to a niche market and whose total impact does not reach beyond the local area, but then it would take a long time to actually change the system because 'local' will continue to create niche markets rather than re-shaping the status quo'. By applying the nautilus process we're taking a step back and looking at the whole system and the centralization that has engulfed it, and designing independent business models as essential parts of regional infrastructure that can viably replace centralization. We look closely at how people are already organizing around a given problem. The dynamics in which individual people respond to and address challenges in their own communities guide our thinking. Community response emerges naturally and can seem quite magical, as if it is indescribable in reality. But this is no fantasy story. Since we have seen solutions emerge over and over, we have developed a great deal of trust that this process is in fact real and replicable. The virality of social movements reveals the immense power of a community fabric which is the most resilient type of system in the world, while also showing the juxtaposition of the current system and the real needs of the people living in it.

There is a threshold point, at which a social movement can actually engulf and reshape an entire system. However if the social movement does not take advantage of the forces that shape the system, then it will never become fully actualized. The main force of our current system is economy, and whether we like it or not, social movements must build business models and align their values with them to gain real traction and make big change. When we hit this threshold, our company comes in to bring together disconnected worlds: community organization and business development, so that the movement can be fully actualized and the business environment can reshape itself around it.

For more perspective on this topic, check out this link to Andrew Jone's blog:




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