Innovating 'Seed' Capital

One of our goals as a company is to normalize the lending of capital to people starting up decentralized businesses. On the other side of the country, there are a couple of companies that have already taken off with models related to localizing food production. It is always inspiring for us to see the same process we’re building our company around, already happening at different stages within different regions. The shared article below from the New Food Economy features Iroquois Valley Farms and Maine Harvest Credit Project, both of which have already built infrastructure around the growth and replication that will lead to greater system’s change. We do not intend to copy the work of these companies, but the progress they have made with their models so far offers valuable insight into how we will structure our own lending vehicles, and is another piece of validation that our timing is right.

Read the whole article from The New Food Economy here.

"The bulk of the financing available to farms understands big industrial models, and can’t meet the demands of emerging markets as food is re-localizing. Processing cheese, milk, meat, and grains means rebuilding lots of infrastructure, and capital that’s more flexible than what’s currently on offer to farmers and food producers."



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